What to do

Life can change in a moment’s notice. A death in the family, sickness, college, moving, or the sale of a home. What to do with the accumulation of stuff? Some folks get to a point in life where they feel the need to just simplify and scale down.  Overwhelming and stressed are often the results when having to deal with these situations by ones self. We are here to be of assistance and offer the best professional advice to your own personal situation. 

House Calls

 From one to a few items or a collection, we will always be ready to set up a house call and pay reasonably. 

Estate Sales

Perhaps an estate sale is your best option. Our professionals are available to evaluate, organize, set up and execute a successful sale. We have a long list of dedicated followers anxiously awaiting our sales. 


And in the end if it’s a broom clean home you need, well you can rest assure, we can make that happen as well.



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